Call Centre

Nicolás Correa offers an immediate international assistance service, which includes:

  • Help line direct to our experts
  • Telephone support for customers, even outside normal working hours
  • Fast, customised solutions

The ´Tele Diagnosis´ service connects Nicolás Correa professionals with users of our milling machines anywhere in the world. The aim is to solve any technical problems in the machines as quickly and efficiently as possible, thereby reducing associated costs, since most problems which occur can be solved using this service.

  • Competent, reliable after-sales service provided by our in-house experts
  • Cost reductions and shorter machine downtimes
  • Direct intervention in the machine parameters

Standard maintenance and diagnosis

Our standard maintenance service is based on our detailed knowledge of our machines and our accumulated experience, thus enabling our technicians to rapidly identify and resolve any potential problems.

A periodic diagnosis minimises the risk of unexpected events and increases productivity. Moreover, all basic components are checked.

  • A 6 month / 1,500-hour warranty service
  • Information on the current status of the machine
  • Replacement of used or faulty parts
  • Minimisation of unexpected events

Geometry inspections

This service guarantees that Correa milling machines maintain their geometry for longer, thus guaranteeing maximum precision.

  • Restoration of precision in accordance with the geometry protocol
  • Immediate adjustments by our experts, in the event of deviations

Spare parts

At Nicolás Correa we have an extensive stock of replacement parts and a team of professionals dedicated to reducing machine downtimes as much as possible. Our Replacement Part Service helps customers identity the correct part model and dispatches it in as short a time as possible.

  • Guarantee of original replacement parts
  • Critical parts in stock delivered in 24 hours

Machine relocation

We guarantee that all machines are disassembled, transported and reassembled by experts

A single contact point for your entire relocation process

  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Safe transportation

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