The Correa Group, due to its technological nature, which has always been at the forefront, has naturally and intuitively positioned itself under the banner of innovation at the management level. For many years now, the Correa Group has been actively working on these aspects, which today encompasses the ESG policy. These acronyms have helped us to organise and pursue in a more systematic way all these policies that were already part of our ecosystem.


  • device_thermostat

    Waste Reduction and Management

  • workspace_premium

    Environmental Accreditations

  • factory

    Waste Reduction and Management

  • eco

    Carbon Footprint Reduction


  • balance

    Equal Opportunities

  • assured_workload

    Data Protection Act

  • school

    Continuous Training

  • lock


  • favorite

    Occupational Health and Safety

  • location_on

    Local investment


  • gavel

    Board of Directors, Corporate Governance Policy

  • diversity_2

    Independent and Professional Management Committee

  • business_center

    Audit, Good Accounting Practices

  • verified

    Code of Conduct, Corporate Ethics

ESG – Social

Equal opportunities

Regulated in our internal codes:

  • Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Equality Plan

Despite the difficulties in finding female profiles due to the lack of students in technical training, we have been able to increase their presence over the years, going from 5% in the offices only 10 years ago to 20% today.

We have 40% women on the Management Committee, who have come from different areas of the company.

We also incorporate people with functional diversity in different jobs adapted to the circumstances, so that they can carry out their duties on a regular basis.

Workplace Health and Safety

We have our own personnel dedicated to OHS monitoring, as well as an External Prevention Service to always reinforce this monitoring with up-to-date methodologies.

The OHS Committee is made up of transversal personnel from across the company, with the presence of all the departments involved in production, as well as Workers´ Representatives from different areas.

We have reduced the number of serious accidents to the point where we have not had any serious accidents in the last 5 years.

ESG - Corporate Governance

We comply with more than 90% of the recommendations of the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) regarding Good Corporate Governance.

Composition of the Board:

  • 40% women on the Board
  • 30% Independent Directors

Transparency Policy

Periodically, on a quarterly basis, the Board of Directors, through the Chief Executive Officer, reports the main control parameters of the company, P&L, fundamental indicators, as well as the evolution of strategic projects.