In the machine tool industry, which is increasingly dynamic and competitive, the ability to innovate in an ongoing manner and to offer new customer-oriented services is a key asset for any company aspiring to grow and generate value.

In keeping with this firm conviction, Nicolás Correa has a strong R&D&I department, which takes part in several cutting-edge projects in Spain and Europe, besides the company's own projects.

Nicolás Correa has an R&D&I department which is constantly growing and which currently accounts for 17% of the whole workforce. It is made up of a team of highly-qualified engineers, capable of developing multidisciplinary projects and operating at a global level thanks to the use of English as the everyday working language.

In addition to the opportunities afforded by integrating new technology into the design of machines, at Nicolás Correa there is another main reason for engaging in R&D&I activities: it enables us to respond better to our customers' needs. Consequently, several internal programmes and joint projects in which Nicolás Correa takes part seek to define overall technological manufacturing processes that provide a comprehensive answer to customer needs.

Projects in which Nicolás Correa participates