To contribute to the success of our customers by means of being at their service from the first contact, with personalised attention, both in the development of the machine as in its use, so that they can expect a return on their investment in an optimal way.


To be a profitable business being a benchmark in service, quality, innovation and technology.

Our Values

  • Customer-geared, ensuring customer satisfaction as the main strategic goal of the company. We work in a professional and constant manner to provide them with the best solutions in the most flexible and speedy manner.
  • Commitment to the business project, to make the mission and vision a reality.
  • Work as a team to facilitate participation and the exchange of ideas taking maximum advantage of the diversity of knowledge.
  • Initiative to make headway in the search for new solutions and their implementation.
  • Honesty as a fundamental trait to generate trust and credibility in the work performed and in the organisation itself.
  • Social responsibility to contribute to the improvement of social well-being.


Nicolás Correa has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate, this standard sets out the requirements for a quality management system. The ISO 9001:2015 guarantees the quality of the processes of design, manufacturing, installation and technical assistance service for milling machines and machining centres.