The wind energy industry is one of the sectors best suited to Correa products.

We have over 15 years´ experience in manufacturing large floor type ´box in box´ milling machines.  The ´box in box´ technology, coupled with Correa indexing heads, offers sufficient robustness to cope with the large-scale roughing operations required by this industry. These large-scale roughing operations enable the machine to make full use of the head´s 52 kW and 1375 Nm torque in any position (indexing every 0.02º, patented system). The ´box in box´ structure, coupled with the robustness of the Correa indexing head, guarantees that most of the spindle power is turned into chips, thus ensuring optimum performance during the various roughing phases. During the finishing of gearboxes, the thermo-symmetric ´box in box´ structure helps maintain excellent machine geometry. Moreover, we have also developed special cycles with a sensor probe that minimise errors at the tool tip during the finishing process.

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