The automotive industry has always been, and continues to be, a priority sector for Nicolás Correa.

Consequently, Correa machines offer 4 key characteristics for machining stamping dies and injection moulds:

  • Shock absorbing capacity: The shock absorbing capacity of our machines enables them to carry out large-scale roughing operations while maintaining stability and therefore prolonging the cutters´ working lives.
  • Robustness: The robust design of both the structure and the guidance and drive systems enables the machine to offer a high level of precision when finishing a surface.
  • Thermal stability: Controlling the points on the machine at which heat is generated and minimising the impact of external thermal variations help maintain the part zero position in long-running 3D finishing operations. Another key factor is ensuring the real-time monitoring and control of the temperature inside the head.
  • Head technology: Heads must comply with the most stringent demands in both roughing and finishing operations. In shape roughing, our indexing heads guarantee a high level of stability, even when using long milling cutters in 3+2 operations. In finishing operations, in addition to offering 5-axis heads with electro-spindle, we also guarantee top-quality results thanks to the use of our UAD technology. UAD technology enables the machine to rotate continuously (24 hours) at 6000 rpm with a high level of stability, thanks to its special transmission and cooling system. 

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