Success Case: Dover Group integrates Nicolás Correa technology for increasing its presence in different markets and raising its larger stamping dies production capacity

Success Case FOX50

Last year, our Spanish customer Dover Group acquired a Correa FOX-50 milling machine as part of its production installations reinforce plan. The selected model represents a new and innovative concept of bridge-type machine which combines traditional roughing capacity with the speed and precision of high performance machining.

At 2016 Dover Group, a company specializes in stamping dies production for the automotive sector, started an investment plan to optimizing its machining process, increasing its productive capacity and improving its presence in different areas such as the railway and aerospace sectors. This fact was the reason why the plant of Dover Group in Santander (Troquelmain XXI) acquired one of the most emblematic machines of Nicolás Correa Group: a bridge type milling machine FOX-50 with UAD  milling head, 6.000 rpm maximum speed, automatic tools charger and part measuring probing.

The FOX-50 machine of Dover Group has already improved the production process of this Company specializes in stamping dies machining.

Source: Empresa XXI