The FOX M offers great roughing capacity and precision for the machining of points and crossings for railway industry.

Machining of points and crossings for railway sector in a Correa FOX M

The gantry machine FOX M has temperature control system which offers high positioning precision and high roughing capacity, and also guarantees the geometrical stability of the ram.

The FOX M has courses between 5 and 14 metres in X axis, 3 to 5 in Y axis and between 1000 and 1750 in vertical axis; with feeds of 25 m/min in X, Y and Z axes.

Nicolás Correa has decades of experience in the machining of several parts for the railway industry such as bogies, chassis, crankcases, points and crossings.

Click here to watch the video of a FOX M-95 equipped with a universal head UAD, performing several cutting tests for customers of the railway sector.