The British company has recently acquired two Correa milling machines


Farrel Ltd. is the UK location for HF Mixing Group, an international enterprise group that produces machinery for tyre manufacturers, specialised in the technical rubber goods industry and the special applications sector.

The company, that already has another Correa machine, has made an investment to buy new machinery, which two of three machines purchased are Correa milling machines.

As expertise across a broad range of applications, Farrel Ltd. was looking for large and precise machines to increase their productionimprove the milling accuracy and work with bigger parts. After checking the market and comparing, they chose Correa, purchasing a NORMA L and a FENIX. As Tony Watson, Industrial Engineering Manager at Farrel Ltd. says, the main reasons for choosing the brand was the machines’ accuracy and roughing capacity, capable to do a precision work in tough materials they usually use in the production process. Both machines get a high precision thanks to a highly robust ram with L-guided system and the mechanical system of ram droop correction. The UAD milling head technology,which reaches 6000 rpm and has a huge flexibility reaching multiple angles and an ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) are also part of the equipment for both travelling column milling machines. Furthermore, a good experience with the previously purchased machine was a key factor for their choice.


Click on the links below to know more about the NORMA L and the FENIX applications at Farrel Ltd.:

  • NORMAL L video: Tony Watson talks about this travelling column machine with a 5 axis head, a partition for pendulum machining and Z axis units for component rotation, while machining large rotors.
  • FENIX video: Some applications of this massive travelling column machine capable of tackling both the largest and most difficult parts explained by Tony Watson while machining one of the smallest rotors that will be machined on it.