Success Case: full capacity of Correa VERXA-M, a Gantry type milling machine, in France

Success Case: VERXA-M in France

The French company Louet acquired the Correa Gantry type milling machine VERXA-M for the manufacturing of large dimension metal parts with a high level of accuracy. 

Among the wide range of milling machines manufactured by Nicolás Correa Group, in order to ensure our customers satisfaction, the French company Louet, specialist in the machining of large metal parts, acquired a VERSA-M model. It represents the concept of a high performance Gantry machine offering a high dynamism and precision which are some of the most highlighted aspects requested by the French customer.

As part of the growth strategy of the Company, Louet works with a big dimension VERSA-M in order to ensure the machining of large parts while maintaining high dynamics and chip removal rate. Thanks to its structural design and thermal symmetry features, Louet has now the possibility to explore new industrial environments, in more specific areas. VERSA-M model has a set of elements that makes it different from other milling machines in the market: Its Eco-Design with stand-by function and Auto Switch-off function allows saving the 20% of the total of the energy machine consumption. This fact underlines the Nicolás Correa’s environmental commitment and demonstrates the application of quality standards in the management of its production facilities.

With over 800 bridge type machines and over 600 floor type machines installed all over the world, Nicolas Correa is one of Europe´s leading companies in the field of milling solutions designed to work in the most demanding production environments where the French company Louet can be found. Nicolás Correa main goal is to contribute to the success of our customers and to ensure the return on their investment in an optimal way.  Customer experiences such as the one of Louet prompt us to be a benchmark in service, quality, innovation and technology in order to improve our environment. 

Source:  Machines Production magazine