Nicolás Correa S.A. has successfully delivered different Correa milling machines to some of our main European customers.

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Nicolás Correa S.A. has successfully delivered different Correa milling machines to some of our main European customers. 

On 2 November, the German customer E-FORM ENNEPETALER, a manufacturer focused on the machining of gear boxes, machine frames, oil tanks for ship engines and moulds, received a bridge-type milling machine; the FOX-40, a new and innovative concept of bridge-type machine which combines traditional roughing capacity with the speed and precision of high performance machining.  A Correa AXIA-55 milling machine type was delivered to the German customer WFKS, a high level manufacturer of tooling machining and structural parts.  This kind of milling machine is an example of pure box-in-box concept, combining an innovative ram droop mechanical system with a unique ram guiding system.

Switzerland customer ODERMATT, leadership in the field of wood production, acquired a FENIX-70, a new concept of travelling column machine with lateral ram. This milling machine has a system of L-guided ram that makes it highly robust and a mechanical system of ram droop correction that increases its precision. At the end of November the Czech customer TARTRA, an automotive manufacturer focused on truck production, got a FENIX-55,  a flexible machine appropriate for roughing and finishing operations.

At the same time, our French customer Catoire, forging mould manufacturer for Aeronautic and Automotive sector, received a Correa FOX-60 that includes a unique system which controls the temperature generated in the vertical axis of the machine.

Finally on 5 December,  the Spanish group INMAPA, reference company in the development of key on hands projects for capital goods and industrial installations, acquired a Correa FOX-50 bridge type milling machine.