The Italian company Masperotech has acquired two milling machines FOX for its flexibility and precision for the manufacturing moulds and aluminium parts.

Bridge type milling machine for machining aluminium

The Italian organisation with 110 years of history and three generations of Maspero family is a benchmark in hot forging for energy, railway, and automotive industries, among others. Nowadays, Masperotech is a European leader in non-ferrous metal hot forging and tube hydroforming, especially aluminium alloys; it also designs and manufactures the steel moulds.

The new milling machines FOX-40 and FOX-50 are part of Masperotech’s investment plan to enlarge its productive capacity. The FOX-40 is already installed and working while the second machine will soon arrive to its workshop. They are identical bridge type machines with moving table but with different milling head technology.

Cutting edge milling technology

The two milling machines FOX purchased by Masperotech are equipped with UDX, universal heads, with a double hirth system which allows to rotate every 0,02o patented worldwide by Nicolás Correa. It is the only head in the market with mechanical transmission that allows working at 10,000 rpm (S1) with no limitations (24/7) with a power of 42 kW and a torque of 620 Nm (always S1). This configuration allows all kind of machining from roughing to finishing in a wide variety of materials.

Nicolás Correa is a benchmark in the industry with more than 800 bridge type machines installed. The FOX combines the traditional roughing capacity with speed and precission thanks to its innovative vertical axis with temperature control system.

A reliable partner

Correa Group is one of the largest European manufacturers of medium and large milling machines. With around 450 employees, manufactures all its machines in the factories in Burgos, Northern Spain and exports them to more than 20 countries. In Italy, Nicolás Correa’s exclusive representative is Overmach, with a large network of distribution and service across the Italian market.

“We are very satisfied with this choice no ontly for the machines’ technology but also for the service of the Spanish manufacturer before and after the sale”, explains Claudio Ongis current president of Masperotech. “Before buying the two milling machines, we visited its factory in Burgos, we saw an organisation very professional; during the machines’ text we were very impressed by the technical level of its staff”.

The Italian company has worked with Overmach for more than 20 years, always satisfied with the attention and the solutions perfectly tailored to Masperotech’s needs, and also the very effective service.