Manuxfax, based in the UK, purchased a travelling column machine AXIA-85 for the machining of precision components.

Column milling machine for heavy roughing

Manufax Engineering Limited is a subcontracting company dedicated to precision and heavy engineering for several industries across the United Kingdom. The company, based in Stockport, has established over the last 60 years a reputation for supplying a responsive, precision engineering service to the aerospace, nuclear, automotive, space and agricultural industries, among others.

Manufax Engineering offers to companies the full turnkey solution, as wells as, design, manufacture, project management and installation services individually to suit customers’ project. It has recently acquired a moving column AXIA-85 for heavy machining with 8.5 metres capacity in X axis to keep up with customers’ demands for larger parts.

The box-in-box construction has been one of the key points for the company, this configuration makes the machine solid with the ram inside a box and then inside the column in another box, explains David Baines, Production Director at Manufax. This configuration allows heavy cutting with the ram extended in both directions providing more flexibility; this not happens in other machines that only can perform precision heavy cutting in one direction. The AXIA also includes a ram droop compensation system to improve accuracy when cross and vertical axes are moved.

Baines also remarks the UAD milling head’srepeatability which allows them to drill, mill and finish with different tools being sure that every time it goes to the same position with a maximum coupling repeatability error of 3”. The double hirth coupling and head roation every 0.02 o allows to reach 324 million positions. In addition, the hirth coupling’s locking force of 22.000 kg makes the UAD head ideal for heavy cutting.

Nicolás Correa together with its partner in the United Kingdom, DTS, have supplied milling machines to Manufax Engineering for more than 15 years, the AXIA is the fourth Correa machine purchased by the company.


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