The milling machine FOX enlarges the capabilities of Bendalls, English manufacturer with more than 125 years of history.

FOX Bendalls

Bendalls Engineering was founded in Carlisle, Northern England, in 1894 as a family-owned business, they design and manufacture for the nuclear, Renewables, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Process industries.  In 1996, Bendalls was bought by Carr’s Group PLC, and became an essential part of the expanding Carr’s Engineering Division. Its operational base, as of 2006, is a purpose-built 5000 square metre engineering facility and employs 85 people, it is specialised in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels and steel fabrications.

Today, Bendalls Engineering continues to invest in the latest technology to deliver premium services to clients. Managing Director, Sean Sunders, explains that quality is at forefront of their business especially relevant in oil and gas and nuclear industries; they have recently acquired a bridge type machine FOX for the precision machining of large components. Its investment in Correa milling machine allows that the whole manufacturing process is performed at its facilities, guaranteeing the highest quality and delivery times to Bendalls’ customers.

The milling machine has travels of X 6000, Y 4250 and Z 1750 mm and table dimensions of 6500 mm x 2500 mm with maximum width between columns of 3750 mm, a table capacity of 25 Tn. It also features a Renishaw compact touch probe for setting, in cycle part measurement, inspection and verification of components with automatic data recording to improve the efficiency of the productive process.

The head technology is another strong point of Correa milling machines for Bendalls; the UAD with rotation every 0.02o thanks to the double Hirth coupling system, patented worldwide; it offers 6000 rpm with no limitations and a maximum coupling repeatability error of ±3”.

Mark Johnson, Production Manager at Bendalls Engineering, explains that the FOX has allowed the company to go for larger projects due to machine’s capabilities and guarantee higher quality standards. This larger machine give company a differentiation element from competitors as they can offer a wider range of components.

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