Nicolás Correa Delfos 4.0 system allows a monitoring based on the cloud that records and analyses automatically machines data improving efficiency and production process. Delfos implementation is being introduced in old and new creation machines with CNC Heidenhain i530, i640 and Siemens 840D

Delfos technology

Nicolás Correa Delfos 4.0 system refers to last generation technology included in its milling machines in order to improve user experience. As part of Correa awareness in relation to the 4.0 Industry, the company has developed this system with the main goal of increasing productivity and optimizing the production process. It is a monitoring system based on the cloud that records and analyses automatically machines data. Due to this fact, the system offers structured information that allows the assumption of different machine aspects and its productive environment through a fast, secure and confidence way.  Delfos 4.0 connects machines, analyses data and offers information in real time assuring a better efficiency. 

Delfos is presented in all Correa machines, even old and new creation milling machines with CNC Heidenhain i530, i640 and Siemens 840D.

Which are Delfos 4.0 use advantages?

  • Guarantee of availability
  • Processes optimisation
  • Tele-service After Sales Service
  • Transparency in machine performance
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Online access from any device
  • Alarm management
  • Periodic reports

Moreover, Delfos 4.0 system allows the development of a set of functionalities such as the production management (monitoring, machine downtimes, head or working area use time), maintenance functions, alerts management and power consumption control, among others that are currently being developed.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) reports in the field of predictive maintenance, as the case of Nicolás Correa Delfos, targeting this possibility to optimize company resources by reducing machine downtimes and other associated costs. In addition, this system will lead to new business and sales models, better services and a much more satisfying user experience. Delfos 4.0 implies a real transformation of Nicolas Correa business model from the traditional industry through the Internet Of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).