Travelling column milling machine AXIA-85 for German company Leiritz Maschinenbau GmbH.

CNC Travelling column milling machines AXIA-85

Leiritz Maschinenbau GmbH located in Bayern (Gemany) offers solutions in the field of turnover devices, coil rotators and tilting tables. Itspecially develops tilting and turning tables for easy and safe tilting and turning of heavy and valuable loads. The company has acquired a travelling column machine Correa AXIA-85 that was installed last month at its facilities.

Cnc milling machine AXIA is equipped with universal milling head UAD and has travels of X 8,500 mm, Y 1,750 mm and Z 3,000 mm. Machine’s design offers great rigidity and precision combining two mechanical systems to dynamically compensate ram droop and frame tipping.