Success Case: Platteau acquires a Correa milling machine for its exceptional specifications

Nicolas Correa Success Case Fenix in Belgium

For some time now, Platteau has a travelling column milling machine Fenix  that is already part of its production process. According to the company, the acquisition of this machine is a strategic investment that will generate big benefits for the Company, will reduce machine set up´s and will minimize adjustment and programming times. Platteau had an specific need to compete in a selected market niche: the machining of large and complex parts up to 7 meters in small quantities. Thank to our Correa Fenix milling machine, Platteau forms already part of this specific area of activity.

Last year, our Belgian customer Platteau, after using several bed type milling machines, acquired a Correa Fenix, a 7 meters longitudinal travel milling machine with built-in rotary table, floor plate and an automatic indexing head (double hirth coupling, patented by Nicolás Correa that allows positioning every 0.02º) reaching 1,296,000 positions. Platteau, operating in the metalworking world, specialises in the production of exclusive parts in very different sectors: transport and graphic industry, among others. With more than 50 years of well-known experience, Platteau pays so much attention to the machines used in its production process and selects the most modern and innovative models to achieve the maximum precision.

The success of Correa Fenix in Platteau factory depends on a set of aspects:

  • Machine versatility for the complete machining of parts. This feature justifies the investment that the Belgian Company has made in our Fenix milling machine. Fenix is a very flexible machine suitable for heavy roughing and finishing operations.
  • The high load capacity of the floor plate allows the production of large and complex parts horizontally using T-slots as well as vertically using angle plates. In addition, this model features a rotary table allowing a 5 faces work in one single set-up.
  • Some of the most valuable aspects for Platteau are the Heidenhain CNC with a PLC which can resolve machine interruptions in an intuitive and quick way, the L.M. Guideway system in all its axes that guarantees high machine accuracy, the coolant through spindle facilitating the chip evacuation or the possibility of pendulum work.
  • Moreover, the customer service offered by Nicolás Correa is one of the strongest points for our customers. In this sense, Platteau highlights the quality of the after sales service, since they prioritize minimum machine downtimes in all process: execution, installation and programming.
  • As an important part of the mentioned service, Platteau refers to Nicolás Correa Burgos factory visit in which they could see the machine assembly process and test some of its applications.
  • The Correa Fenix model is considered the best choice for this company due to all possibilities offering by its design, the high level of customization and an optimal adaptation to the customer needs. 


Source: Métallerie