In the first half of this year, Nicolás Correa completed the installation of a large FOX MT model turning-milling machine at the Italian customer C.M.G. DI GIANI GIORGIO & C. SAS

The installation consists of a Gantry type machine, model FOX MT with a travel of 14 metres in the X axis, 4.25 metres in the Y axis and 1.75 metres in the Z axis. This large working area has been divided with a pendulum panel into two zones to make the machine more productive. The first zone allows to machine 5 faces of prismatic workpieces up to 9 x 3 metres. The second zone incorporates a turning plate with a diameter of 3 metres. This second zone allows turning, milling and milling-turning of circular parts up to 3.5 metres turning diameter. This flexible solution is complemented by an automatic head changer system. A universal milling head that allows turning every 0.02° thanks to its patented double hirth crown coupling. In addition, the machine is equipped with a turning head that allows the tool to be swivelled every 2.5° and uses a C8 capto clamping system. Both heads can change tools automatically thanks to the ATC 120 installed on the side of the milling machine column.

For more information click on the following link to see a video of the machine: