Nicolás Correa gives you 5 main tips for a proper milling machine selection

5 tips for a proper Milling Machine selection

If you are thinking about a new milling machine acquisition for your company, Nicolás Correa gives you 5 main tips for a proper milling machine selection.

  1. First of all, you have to stablish the working area needed for your parts and its maximum weight. In this sense, it is not only important the part dimensions, but also the type of machining process to be done. If you are planning to do a 5 faces work it will be required to extend machine travels one meter with respect to the part dimension (milling head rotation + cutting tool length). In the same way, it is crucial to know the maximum weight of the part including the weight of the fixture if any.
  2. Once you have defined these parameters, you have to verify which milling machine model is providing you the suitable working envelope. Nicolás Correa has a wide range of milling machines specially designed to satisfy the needs of a variety of different industries: bed type, floor type, bridge type, gantry type and top gantry type. Please, check and download our general brochure.
  3. After identifying the milling machine models, we can advise you about the proper kind of machine in relation to your activity sector and final application.  Nicolás Correa milling machines are designed to respond to the production needs of the main industrial sectors, in order to ensure the customer gets the most out of every application: machining solutions for the aeronautic industry and automotive, machining of rolling stock structures as well as lines structures for the railway sector, machining solutions for the wind energy, capital goods, energy, military and general machining. Discover here which milling machine is best suited to your specific application.
  4. Another important aspect for a proper milling machine selection is the milling head. Ask to our application team in order to analyse and define the best milling head or heads in each specific case. Nicolás Correa heads incorporate a unique technology that makes them some of the most robust and reliable elements of their kind on the market. All the heads in our range can be interchanged automatically, thanks to our Automatic Head Change system. Our application engineers will analyse with you the different parts to help you to define the most suitable milling heads.
  5. Finally, once you have selected your ideal milling machine and its proper head or heads, it is time to define the milling machine equipment. As Correa milling machines allow a high level of customization, it is important to know more about the machine accessories. For this purpose we have an expert team who can help you to select the most suitable accessories according to your production requirements, applications and the industrial environment in which the machine is going to be installed.