Nicolás Correa has opted for an intermediate model, halfway between subcontracting and vertical integration. As a consequence, several industrial subsidiaries have been created in the last few years. These companies are linked to the machine tool sector and, under the umbrella of the parent company, constitute an integrated and synergetic network

Moreover, each of them acts to gradually increase the resources generated through a significant contribution of external business to the Group. The industrial subsidiaries are characterised by the speed, flexibility and competitiveness typical of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Correa Calderería

A company dedicated to the design and manufacture of machine welded and machined structures, enclosures, telescopic guards and other metal parts for general industry. With 100% of its shares owned by Nicolás Correa S.A., the new industrial premises of GNC Calderería, along with the acquisition of more powerful means of production, enable them to capitalise on their extensive experience and know-how in their specific area of activity. This has been reflected in a major increase in production over recent years, and the future looks bright for this industrial plant.
Correa Hypatia

This subsidiary manufactures smaller fixed bed and floor type milling machines. Nicolás Correa S.A. owns 94% of the company´s shares. These machines provide Nicolás Correa S.A. with the full range needed to serve a growing segment of the market, consisting of customers who want more standardised milling machines that are nevertheless extremely reliable, with faster delivery times and competitive pricing.
Correa Electrónica

A company engaged in the manufacture and installation of electrical cabinets and boards within the industrial machinery sector. Nicolás Correa S.A. owns 88% of the company´s shares. At present, it covers most of Nicolás Correa S.A.´s needs, as well as manufacturing and installing cabinets and boards for companies outside the Group. At the end of 2016, GNC Electronics opened a new set of premises, the move being prompted by the rapid growth undergone by the company and a sharp increase in its customer portfolio.
Correa Kunming

This subsidiary assembles mass-produced milling machines for the Chinese market. Moreover, an industrial subsidiary has been set up to aid GNC´s commitment to becoming a strong player on the Chinese market. The new company is called the Nicolás Correa Machine Tools (Kunming) Company Ltd., and has been up and running since the beginning of 2007. The subsidiary´s strategy is based on the production of standard machines, initially to meet the demand of the Chinese market, which is very high at present. In a second phase it will also supply other markets, complementing the customised machines manufactured in the Group´s Spanish plants.

Correa Service

The Company was born in 1999 and keeps two different activity areas.

Retrofitting and sale of second-hand machines. Being a reference in the retrofitting of second-hand milling machines following the CORREA standards.

Technical support service. With 20 high skilled engineers, CORREA SERVICE provides the group with an additional capacity to install and repair machines and heads all over the world.