Good news for those who cannot travel and visit us; Nicolás Correa and Hypatia open their factories.

Correa Group virtual tour

On the 360º virtual tour you can see the two workshops and most of the milling machines of Correa’s product range.

In Nicolas Correa’s virtual tour you’ll see the assembly and machining workshops. At Correa’s facilities you can see the largest milling machines of Correa product range, such as travelling column milling machines MAGNA, AXIA and FENIX; bridge type FOX and gantry machine XPIDER.

On the visit to Hypatia’s facilities you can see the medium size Correa milling machines: bed type and moving table machines NORMA, XPERTA and NORMA MG. As well as, the tool changer assembly and testing area.

Nicolás Correa’s virtual tour

Hypatia’s virtual tour