COVID-19 – Resuming industrial activities

Burgos, 13th April 2020.

After these two weeks in quarantine, when we decided to cease our activity to prioritise the health of our staff and all the people close to us, all the companies of Correa Group are resuming their industrial activities.

The Group keeps placing in front the safety and health of its employees and families. Therefore, several measures have been adopted to guarantee the safety of our workplace and minimise the risk of contagion, always following the advice of the public health authorities as we have done it since the beginning of the Covid19 crisis.

We keep working in various shifts and staggering starting and finishing times to avoid the gathering of people and facilitating social distancing throughout the process. We keep visits and face-to-face meetings restricted, holding them via video conferencing or phone call. Cleaning and hygiene measures will be increased and personal protective equipment will be used by all the staff, such us face masks and gloves, in all of our workplaces.

Correa Group is facing the current situation with the confidence given by years of stability. Our incoming orders and financial solvency allows us to face this situation with perspective, a proactive perspective, trying to minimise the consequences with a proactive management at all times.

From the Correa Group’s Board of Directors, we would like to express our gratitude to our customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and, specially, to our staff for it responsibility and commitment to adapt to these unfavourable circumstances.