Nicolás Correa has more than 15 years of experience offering solutions for the wind power industry.

Milling machine AXIA-70

Travelling column milling machine AXIA represents a pure box-in-box concept, combining an innovative ram droop mechanical system with a unique ram guiding system. The linear guideways in X, Y and Z axes allows feeds of 30-40 m/min. The machine configuration offers precision and robustness and maximises machine productivity.

The two cnc machines AXIAS-70 are identical with courses of X 7000 mm, Y 1500 mm and Z 4000 mm. These machines are intended for the wind power sector in which Nicolás Correa has been working for the last 15 years. The AXIAS are part of a project which includes other two AXIAS and a travelling column machine MAGNA of X 7500 mm, Y 2000 mm and Z 5000 mm.

These machines are both equipped with orthogonal auto-indexing heads OAD of 30kW, 1050 Nm and 6000 rpm. All the positions can be reached keeping a high level of productivity in facing, drilling and tapping operations with the OAD.

The two AXIAS share a head magazine with other two heads; one is the FCT a high torque front spindle with 52 kW and 2005 Nm in S1. This head permits to maintain the highest levels of productivity avoiding the use of a boring quill. We can produce between 2600– 3000 cm3/min of chips cutting Cast Iron GG25 or similar. Moreover, all heads use same taper so customer can utilise same cutting tools and holders in all heads.

Watch the video of the AXIAS-70