Nicolás Correa receives the award for Innovation in Advanced and Digital Manufacturing 2022 during the 31st edition of the BIEMH.

This morning, Nicolás Correa received the National Award for Advanced and Digital Innovation during the 31st edition of the BIEMH, the Biennial Machine Tool Fair. The new boring system, recently patented by Nicolás Correa, was recognised at the ceremony that took place this morning at the Bilbao Exhibitions Centre in the components, accessories and tools category.

This boring system combines the advantages of a milling machine, speed, precision and flexibility, with those of a boring machine, rigidity with high torque and power. The direct-drive boring motor allows the BM-180 boring bar with a diameter of 180 mm and a W stroke of 1,000 mm to work at 90 kW and 3,438 Nm. It also allows automatic head changeover to interchange the BM-180 with other heads for great flexibility and maximum productivity.