The Agents’ Training 2020 finishes today with the participation of 65 partners from 20 countries.

Agents’ Meeting 2020

These meetings have been held between the 25th of February and the 5th of March in Burgos. During these days, Nicolás Correa has presented its most recent product news such as the new gantry machines VERXA M XL and VERXA MW XL and the new turning head UAD-T.

Furthermore, the agents visited Nicolás Correa factory where they saw the latest machines prepared to be sent to customers all over the world like three travelling column MAGNAS with vertical courses of 8 metres; or a gantry XPIDER equipped with a universal head UDX and a continuous milling head with electro spindle E5E.

Correa Group offers an extensive commercial and service network around the world which guarantees immediate contact and tailored service to customers in every market.