The company celebrates its 75th anniversary highlighting its vocation for research and product customisation as the backbone and differentiators of its activity throughout its history.

Today, Thursday 5th May, Grupo Correa celebrated its 75th anniversary with an event in which it highlighted the potential of its human team as the company´s main asset throughout its history. With its vocation for research and product customisation as the backbone and differentiators of its activity, the company will boost its R&D&I capacity to continue its permanent opening to new markets and will develop a strategic plan whose investments will allow it to build the factory of the future in Burgos, increase the capacity of GNC Hypatia and provide more productive means to GNC Steelworks and GNC Electronics.

The event, which was attended by 200 people, included a visit to the factory and a subsequent ceremony in which, in addition to the president, José Nicolás-Correa, and the CEO, Carmen Pinto; Daniel de la Rosa, mayor of Burgos, and Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, president of the Junta de Castilla y León, also took part.

In his speech, José Nicolás-Correa, President of Nicolás Correa, reviewed the main milestones in the birth and expansion of the company and stressed that "companies grow and consolidate by taking advantage of opportunities and overcoming difficulties, and that both are necessary". A story that began in Eibar and moved to Burgos in the 1960s. Since then, as Nicolás-Correa pointed out, the company has not stopped "investing, exporting and creating stable employment, creating wealth".

José Nicolás-Correa also highlighted the importance of having developed an industrial group and underlined the current investment plan in which the company is immersed as key to "guaranteeing our future and allowing us to go deeper into the new times of technology and digital communication".

The chairman also alluded to the company´s presence on the Stock Exchange, on the continuous market, where Nicolás Correa remains today as "the only company in the Spanish machine tool sector". The presence on the stock exchange brought "visibility and transparency", a permanent guide in the company´s management style, as the chairman pointed out.

José Nicolás-Correa thanked customers, shareholders and employees for their trust throughout the company´s history and concluded that "experience is an asset, but it cannot be an obstacle", in reference to the fact that Nicolás Correa is and always has been "a company that breaks the mould".

Carmen Pinto, CEO of Nicolás Correa, thanked all the workers and collaborators who have been part of the company for their work and generosity, as "a company like this one thrives on knowledge".

In his speech, he appealed to the enthusiasm to continue growing, stressing that the company is a group that is 75 years old but that "it is, above all, the future". In this sense, he pointed out that the common pattern that identifies and has always been the hallmark of Nicolás Correa is "putting the customer at the centre, with technology as a lever for competitiveness". He also indicated that Nicolás Correa´s lines of strength are the importance of supporting and developing talent, the generation of qualified and stable employment and digitalisation, with sustainability as a commitment. "We project all this enthusiasm in the commitment to Burgos as an industrial city", valuing the business fabric, vocational training centres and universities.

For his part, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, President of the Junta de Castilla y León, congratulated Nicolás Correa on its anniversary, highlighting the company as "the industrial spearhead of Castilla y León and of Burgos, one of the cities with the most industrial weight in Spain", and as "an example of public-private collaboration". In this sense, he assured that the Junta is going to squeeze all the potential of Castilla y León to make it a main focus for attracting investment and companies. To this end, he stressed that the regional government offers direct aid, financing, low-cost land and support for internationalisation with the challenge of reaching 8,000 exporting companies in the region.

In his speech, Daniel de la Rosa, Mayor of Burgos, said that to define the history of Nicolás Correa is to define the history of Burgos as an industrial capital, leading the metal sector in Castilla y León. Along these lines, he congratulated the company on its trajectory, as a company that has diversified and has set the pace towards sustainable development and the generation of wealth, quality of life and employment in Burgos. De la Rosa insisted on the challenge shared by the administrations to position Burgos as a reference in technology, logistics and infrastructures. The mayor concluded his speech by thanking Nicolás Correa for his commitment to linking his industrial project to an entire city.