This project aims to improve the competitiveness of the consortium members.

Proactive maintenance of unique remote machines (IPT-2011-1265-020000). €1.3m budget. Co-financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Innpacto 2011), charged to the FEDER fund.This project will help the capital goods industry to develop new tools that will allow manufacturers to remotely perform smart, proactive maintenance on their machines once they have been installed in their customers´ factories.


The project aims to improve the competitiveness of consortium members and their customers in the markets where they operate. This improvement will be determined primarily by the benefits they will receive as a result of the project:

- Providing a remote maintenance service for their customers that sets them apart from their competitors, enabling them to be aware of their customers´ problems at all times and to work with them to find a solution.

- Using the information obtained to redesign their machines, increasing their availability and reliability as opposed to those of the competition.

- The ability to anticipate machine malfunctions, allowing the customer to have greater machine availability.

- Manufacturers will benefit from cost savings in after-sales service, since it will be possible to better plan - or even eliminate - interventions that require a trip abroad.

- Customers will benefit from savings associated with a reduction in unplanned downtime and better maintenance planning.